Daxuan Corporate is a set of methods for working the body, breath and mind that has been specifically tailored for the corporate environment.

Our focus is to cultivate sustainable qualities that will infuse into our lives, providing us the ability to live a more balanced and healthy life.


A strong and healthy body is the foundation for our well being and resilience. By working it specifically we seek to make it strong, relaxed and rooted. This is essential not only for our physical health, but also for ensuring a foundation for a stable mind.


Our compass for navigating the world is our emotions. They provide feedback on our interactions with people and situations, but they can also be a source of conflict. We cannot see the world clearly if we are consumed by our emotions, and this will affect our actions. We can calm our emotions by being aware of our breathing and having enough energy to deal with them.


The mind is our direct connection to the world and how we are comprehending it. If we are consumed by thoughts, judgments or drifting we can not be fully connected to the world around us. We work our mind to be clear and available so we can interact consciously.