The Daxuan Tradition

The Daxuan tradition, is a Daoist system, that has an unbroken line of transmission of its theories and methods dating back to the year 510, in the Kunlun Mountains. It was brought to France from China by Master Wang Tian Xian who passed on the tradition to Serge Augier.

The teaching comprises of the five Daoist arts:

  • The cultivation of human qualities (Body - Breath - Mind)
  • Knowledge of the changes of the world (Yi Jing)
  • The science of destiny (Bazi and Ziwei Du Shou)
  • Daoist and traditional Chinese medicine
  • The art of forms (Feng Shui and Morpho-psychology)

Master Serge Augier

Master Serge Augier has more than 40 years of experience, and he loves to pass on his teaching to those who are willing to commit themselves to it. And with the mastery of his discipline, it has enabled him to teach his Way and introduce this age-old teaching to the Western world by adapting it to Western thinking while maintaining the traditional spirit of his art.