Daxuan Corporate

For countless generations, people have sought to understand how we function as humans. Through hard work and scrutiny, the old systems of human development established theories and methods to provide a clear and precise way to work and restore the fundamental functioning of our mind and emotions.

Daxuan Corporate is based on the Daoist Family system of Daxuan, a system that emphasizes the significance of balancing the work of the body, breath, and mind in order to improve this fundamental functioning.

"An ancient tradition for today's world"

Henrik R. Cederkvist

As a Daxuan school student for over 18 years, I've learned the value of maintaining a balanced life rhythm while also focusing on my own self-improvement. This significance has been clarified by my professional career as an analyst with a PhD in statistics working in the fields of medical research and the insurance industry.

In collaboration with my teacher and over a number of years of privately teaching in companies, we launched Daxuan Corporate to offer a customized program to businesses. With the emphasis of bringing resilience and more balance into to the work place.